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2023 - We've met goals and are expanding!

Webbjam worked on global reach and achieved it! We've been viewed/read in 28 countries! It was time to improve our site and it's security. Take a look around... read/like a few stories and submit one of your own. We look forward to it. If you'd like to join our newsletter please do.

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Our Team

We are a fun, dynamic team dreaming of global positivity, believing in opportunities for all, and stewards of optimism and hope. Webb Jam is a digital media platform company, focused on sharing positive stories from around the world. While the Webb Jam (WJ) team produces a variety of exciting, engaging, and fun videos and articles, much of the platform’s upbeat content will be submitted by all of you, on a global level. We invite you to join us and share your uplifting and inspirational stories by becoming a Jammer on the Webb Jam team. The platform has 12 categories that feature cultural, educational, humorous, and inspiring human interest stories. Webb Jam is excited to offer the world a new digital home where we can all share the good happenings that are going on in the corners of our worlds. Please sign up, submit your stories, and become a Jammer! Webb Jam Founder and CEO, Lisa Webb, says, “I know that SOMETHING good happened SOMEWHERE in the world today! We need to share it so we can all learn from one another and bring our global world closer together. This truly is social media at its best!”

Lisa Webb

Driven, Empowering, Encouraging, Authentic

Sophie & Sadie
Our Mascots

Happy, Loyal, Cuddly

Thurma Hilton
Public Relations/Editor

Scholarly, Thoughtful, Focused

Yvette Herring

Steadfast, Detailed, Sincere, Determined

Brad Corbett
VP Marketing

Enthusiastic, Inquisitive, Trustworthy

Cheryl Rae
WebDesigner and App Creator

Fine artist in mosaics and digital/tech/marketing Goddess Special Thanks to my fab friend Stan Kern for all her technical wizardry on this new WebbJam site.