A Tribute to the Antarctic

Joy H Selak, PHD – joywrites.com

In 1999 my husband and I travelled to the Antarctic on a small 100 passenger cruise ship. Each day we climbed into Zodiacs and went to shore to explore this magical continent. There are no cities in the Antarctic, no roads or highways, and no humans save for the few research scientists in their bare encampments. There are no 4 legged animals, all the creatures of this land can either swim or fly. 

I want to share with you the icebergs, glaciers and the magnificent landscape, as well as the many varieties of penguins, seals and birds. I hope this short 3 minute video will offer you some Covid relief, as the creation of it provided for me. For my husband and I, this trip, and what we learned, forever changed our view of the world, our respect for the great diversity in life and our sense of responsibility to our planet we call home. 

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