EPA’s Des Allemands Swamp Restoration Project in Coastal Louisiana

A 5-minute video was recently produced by EPA Region 6 which highlights the first-ever swamp restoration project constructed under the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA). “The Hydrologic Restoration and Vegetative Planting in the Des Allemands Swamp (BA-34-2)” project was undertaken by EPA and the State of Louisiana. This video was produced as part of CWPPRA’s 30th Anniversary celebration.”
My friend, Ken Teague, a retired member of the Environmental Protection Agency was involved in the Costal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) was recently sent the attached video that a fellow member, Paul Kaspar, wrote, “If you haven’t seen or heard to date, thought you might be interested in the status of a project from back in the CWPPRA days.  A testament to all your persistent efforts resulting in likely one of the most cost-effective CWPPRA projects effort.
Appreciate your continued input on projects as well.

It makes me proud to know someone like Ken was part of the agency where he dedicated his career to protect these wetlands along with all the other projects he was involved in.

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  1. Message from Ken Teague; “I have a request- Could you add to the post that this project is based on many years of ecological research in this swamp by Dr. Will Conner and Dr. John Day. Part of my discussion with them about this involves giving proper credit

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