From A Dead End To Ending The Dead

Not every successful person comes from success. While some are born into it, many more must prove themselves. I am one of the latter. Coming from a relatively poor family living in a house of six, I never had the latest clothes, toys or any means for a glamorous lifestyle. So after high school graduation, there was no real goal for my life. Continuing in similar footsteps as family and friends at the time, I worked several dead end jobs in our small Texas town.

But soon after meeting my girlfriend of nine years, now my fiance, we enrolled in a local community college where I began to study graphic design. Nearing the end of the second year, before transferring to a university, I got the wild urge to completely change my life’s direction by studying biochemistry instead. Something about it felt nearer to me, like a calling. I’ve since taken a greater interest in the hard sciences, though I had some interest previously.

Currently, my closest friends are those I met during my years at university. During the final two years of my undergraduate career, I performed research in a biochemistry laboratory for one of my favorite professors. I also lead a team of tutors in the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It’s a great feeling to see a student of mine finally understand a subject under my guidance, a hobby I continue to enjoy today.

Since graduating, my professional career is performing biochemical analysis of human plasma and serum to detect pathogenic biomarkers. The plasma we test then goes on to make medicines for the immunocompromised and immunosuppressed. Our company also creates vaccines to fight current threats facing the human race. I am a small part in a larger organism, but my job goes a long way toward saving lives.

My future goal is to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where I hope to lead a team once again. Once cured with treatments my team and I design, I look forward in seeing the excitement on the faces of those who can finally rest assured and have many more years with their family and friends.

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