Good Ugly Bunnies For Your Health

It’s okay to ask for help

Like most people, Luis Bazan found it difficult maintaining a stable balance between his mental health and work life. Inspired by the idea of working on his drawing skills and helping others, Luis decided to begin an online project that would increase good mental health awareness through doodles of bunnies alongside inspirational quotes.

“Between the expectations you have of your work and the expectations you feel you need to fulfill for your audience, it’s hard to remember that the most important thing, above all else, is your mental and physical health,” he said. “I just recently started treating my mental health, and it’s given me a new perspective of what it is to feel good when you’re doing what you love without exhausting yourself over it.”

Naming the project ‘Good Ugly Bunnies,’ each post is meant as a daily reminder to work towards a healthy state of being. As a video game developer living in Guadalajara, Mexico, Luis aims to have his positive message and artwork reach a global audience.

Take it one step at a time

Connecting with his audience is one of Luis’ favorite parts about the project. Finding common ground with others who are dealing with similar troubles is motivation enough for him to continue the project.

“Good mental health isn’t something you can achieve overnight,” he said. “You have to work hard at it everyday, and that’s okay. I believe in you, and I’m here if you need it.”

Today I choose my well-being

Luis intends to continue his project for years to come, eventually collaborating with other artists to help spread positive messages. Dealing with his own anxiety and depression struggles, Luis has adopted ways to get better and work on living as his best life.

Tackling mental illness alone can make things even more difficult for those already dealing with a handful of troubles. The Good Ugly Bunnies want to help ease those concerns.

To see more of Luis’ artwork and positive project, check out his social media accounts.

Instagram: @GoodUglyBunnies & @luisquid

Twitter: @GoodUglyBunnies & @luisquid

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