Jason Mraz’s New Album

Heard about Jason Mraz – Look For The Good new album and the message from the songs follows suit with the nature of Webb Jam. I pulled some reviews from iTunes to get a feel for what others thought. Go Check out the album when you get a chance. It has a real reggae feel. Here are a few of those reviews.

Fan Reviews

by GA Roadrunner;
“A lot of reggae on this one. Not a bad thing”

by Antonia Marquee;
“I’m so proud of Jason. He follows his heart. And his heart leads with love and helps to change the world. He is my inspiration because he uses his platform to spread peace, kindness and positivity. All that he posts out is love. He is love and this album is love. The songs have an important message that the world needs to hear.”

by GailWrightatHome;
“Jason Mraz and reggae, the perfect combo.”

by Curiousitude;
“Jason’s timing is perfect because a little gratitude and positivity is just what we seem to be missing right now. If we can’t sing about it, or even talk about it…then will we be able to imagine how to find it? Don’t be afraid of the Good, just be grateful.

by kindness!88;
Awesome this song has a good meaning to it, it makes me feel good when I hear it and I hope people feel the same, to me we should all feel that way with everybody this is good in everyone but if we stop and listen to each other no matter if you’re different or not, stop the hate in this world, say hi! “

by Sekud;
I’ve always loved Reggae and to have Jason do a reggae album is just awesome & in Jason Mraz fashion wonderful lyrics – music with a message! And to donate 100% of proceeds that makes it more awesome!

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