My Cat Is Cheating On Me

It was cold out, and the cat was missing (again). My spouse and I were up and down all night calling for our kitty, worriedly pacing our living room and the sidewalk outside our apartment. Just as the sun peaked over the rooftop the next morning, here came our cat, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, prancing home without a care in the world.

We were exhausted, but absolutely relieved she returned safe and sound. She had her breakfast and snuggled into the arm of the sofa for a nice little cat nap.

Later that day, we were all nestled in watching TV when I received a text message from a neighbor.

I did a double take – could this really be our cat buttering up to Steve?

It was cold last night, and we were very happy Steve had let Oreo inside for the evening over the more worrying possibility of her wandering in the cold night. And perhaps it was good that Oreo was making a new friend. But, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this could be something more than a passing phase or an attempt at accessing more food.

A week or so went by and life with kitty returned to normal. One night I was in bed checking social media when I received a text from an unknown number.

Apparently, my cat has been friendly with more neighbors than just Steve. I assured Taylor all was well and Oreo was home safe.

As Oreo is apparently very affectionate, she’s been getting quite a lot of attention. Several neighbors have stopped me on the way in and out of the community to update me on their fond cuddle sessions with our cat. My favorite remark about Oreo is “OHHRREEEOOO! My favvvorite little mascot!” Indeed.

Currently, I’ve been receiving semi-weekly updates from neighbors around the community. For your viewing pleasure, here is the most recent cheating report about Oreo:

One thing is clear: our cat is cheating on us.

And we’re okay with it.

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