Norman the Cat

This past Father’s Day, Marty and I traveled to his sisters home in a little town in central Texas called Normangee.  His sister rescued a litter of 6 kittens and asked if we would take one.  So we made the 2 hour trek to go retrieve the orange tabby kitten.  Upon arrival, he was in a special cage and was reaching out to greet us.  For a feral cat, he was immediately showing great signs of being domesticated due to the care given him.  It’s been a few weeks now, and it seems he has faired well with blending into our family.  Lulu, our Pomeranian and Frida, our Chiweenie were quick to accept him into the fold.  You will see in the attached video how well Frida and Norman get along.  Oh…we named the kitten Norman after the town where he was adopted.


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