Reflections on a Becca Lee Poem

Words that heal are beautiful.
Have your eyes ever run across a written piece that thrilled your soul, stirred your emotions, and lifted your spirits? Here is a poem by Becca Lee that touched my heart. I identified with it so thoroughly that it could have been originated by me.


I have been crippled beneath the weight of shattered self-esteem 

and held prisoner within the confines of these insecurities.
I have apologized for what I am , and begged for forgiveness for what I am not.

I have given this world the power to make me feel less than I am, 

and torn myself apart to save others the bother.

I have kept self-depreciation as a long term bedfellow 

and forgotten what it feels like to sleep with the peace of contentment.

BUT TIMES ARE CHANGING! I am changing. I am growing, learning, evolving.

I am becoming what I always was and shedding what was never meant to be me.

IT isn’t always easy. There are days I slip into the ways of times past,

but still will I keep trying to see myself in the light and truth of new day

rather than through the shroud of eyes who have ever been known to lie.

Becca Lee

This poem made me feel as if I had met a kindred spirit … a like-minded soul who was walking on the same path.  This poem radiates a rawness of vulnerability and honesty. It is penned by a person who can express pain with the light of hope.  May we both walk out of inner struggle, and continue with the resolve to see the new thing emerging from within. May we embrace the power in our being to come out of the darkness of shame’s prison , and express a confident self-acceptance. May lies about our true self continue to be revealed. The truth will set us free.
If you have felt the same way, I hope you find the courage to walk out of disempowering mindsets into the light of a new day.

YOU are not alone in this affliction of thought. You have the power to be free from its destructive grip. 



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