Strong WILLed Women

Strong Willed Women

We were introduced because we both had consulting careers in education as well as philanthropy and, as we talked, we touched on the idea that there were so many women like us who were successful but were working on their own, or the only ones in their particular role.

Bull Creek Walk

During the summer 2020 Covid lockdown, we took a walk at Bull Creek Greenbelt in Austin to get the pups, Lulu and Frida, out for an adventure.

Lone Star Beekeeper

Bees are such an important part of our ecosystem; there are so many plants and food we wouldn’t have without them! Mahmoud from Lone Star Beekeepers ensures that hives stay healthy and happy.

Pease Park

Pease Park in Austin, TX is more than a space to go for fun and gatherings. It is currently home to an art installation maze by artist Patrick Dougherty!

Shahriar Rokhasz

Life has taken Shahriar Rokhasz all over the world, from starting his life in Tehran and ending up here in Austin. His intelligence and his drive for life helped him create a successful company. Check him out!

Enchanted Rock

The next time you visit Central Texas, be sure to check out Enchanted Rock. The hike up to the top is definitely worth it for the beautiful views!

Palestinian Festival

What a beautiful celebration! Every year, the Palestinian community shares its culture with the city of Houston, fostering new experiences and a deeper understanding of their traditions.