Bull Creek Walk

During the summer 2020 Covid lockdown, we took a walk at Bull Creek Greenbelt in Austin to get the pups, Lulu and Frida, out for an adventure.

South Haven, Michigan

Last November, Marty and I made a trip from Austin, TX up north to Michigan. After attending a wedding in Kalamazoo, we made our way over to South Haven, on the shores of Lake Michigan, to catch up with a close friend who moved from Austin up to that area.

Sunrise Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms and functions. We love to meditate on the beauty of nature! What’s your favorite way/place to meditate?

Views Of The Hudson

The mighty Hudson River offers so many amazing sights and views to New Yorkers and tourists alike! What is your favorite spot to view it from?

Texas Wildflowers

Former First Lady Mrs. Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Johnson made it her priority to beautify Texas while her husband was in office. Her work is fondly remembered every spring when our beautiful wildflowers bloom!

Nature’s Beauty

We can often overlook the small things in life that make the world so beautiful. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of mother nature.