Walks During Shut In

Marty and I found a beautiful hike/jog/bike trail located in East Austin. It runs from Govalle Park off Bolm Road in South Austin, all the way north to Daffin Road and Johnny Morris Road up around Hwy 290 to North Austin.

It’s called Southern Walnut Creek Trail. Along the paved and well maintained trail, you’ll travel through beautiful scenery. We took several days to explore different sections of the trail, parking at the YMCA lot on Hwy 183 at 51st Street, another day parking off Loyola, a third jaunt from MLK/Hwy 969, then going further north from the Austin Tennis Center, and finally from Delwau Lane in a secluded little neighborhood. The only part we have left to explore is from the trailhead at Govalle Park.

Stay tuned…

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  1. Yet another jaunt during the Spring time 2020 Pandemic in Austin. It was fun to figure out where to next. With traffic low in and around Austin, we became more adventurous to explore areas further away from home.

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